Hi, I am Joey.

Peony and I are the "resident kitties" who live at the Belvedere Mansion all year long. We

are new here too! And in the upcoming months we will be blogging about our experiences here in

this 1857 Italianate Mansion. So far it has been great fun!

The Belvedere was originally built for J. Russell Jones.

He was a steamboat magnate and ambassador to Belgium shortly after the Civil War.

Today the Belvedere offers guided tours to visitors from mid May to mid November.

No reservations are required. Just ring the doorbell! (I might even be around to pet while you wait on our grand Victorian

porch! Its air conditioned! My pal, Peony, likes the comfy chair on the Veranda. You can often find her

sleeping there during the lazy afternoons but I like to scoot around the Belvedere playing hide and seek with the

visitors. There are plenty of rooms to play in.

The Belvedere Mansion and Gardens is the MOST VISITED mansion in Galena.

It is considered the finest mansion in JoDaviess County!

Its current owners (our owners too!) have

been stewarts of the mansion for over 33 years. We hope you will come and visit....and stop by here often, because I

will be bringing you the latest news about our lives here in the coming months!

See you soon!

Your pal,


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